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Powerstroke 7.3 Diesel Performance Nitrous Injection


ZEX™ Pro Street Diesel Nitrous System

New nitrous system instantly delivers massive diesel horsepower gains.

A highly modified diesel-powered street truck is an impressive machine. With massive torque and tons of turbocharger boost on tap, acceleration can be phenomenal. But the large amounts of diesel fuel needed to feed this much power can often times lead to high exhaust gas temperatures and incomplete combustion - both of which can limit performance potential, engine safety and horsepower.

In their never-ending quest to develop more advanced nitrous technology, the experts at ZEX™ have introduced the new Pro Street Diesel Nitrous System. Engineered specifically to take advantage of the increased fuel delivery, oversized injectors, and high boost capability of today’s high performance diesel engines, the Pro Street Diesel Nitrous System employs an electronic Throttle Position Sensor switch (TPS) to deploy a 50 to 300 horsepower nitrous shot at wide open throttle. A boost pressure switch is also used in tandem with the TPS switch so that the nitrous shot is timed perfectly with engine load. By enabling the high performance diesel engine to achieve complete combustion, especially with high-flow fuel delivery rates, the ZEX™ Pro Street Diesel Nitrous System helps to reduce exhaust gas temperatures and produce a cooler intake charge - delivering massive increases in power output and acceleration.

The ZEX™ Pro Street Diesel Nitrous System comes complete with all of the components and instructions needed for a quick and easy, 2 hour installation. Included with the kit are a 10 lb. nitrous bottle, high flow nitrous solenoid, TPS switch, 50-300 hp nitrous jets, and all necessary plumbing, electrical connectors and mounting hardware.

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