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Ford Powerstroke 7.3 Diesel Performance

: Electronics

Powerstroke 7.3 Diesel Performance Electronics

ATS Custom Tuned Six-Stage Module

Electronic Performance

Today diesel performance is widely achieved with the addition of plug-in electronics and choosing the correct module for your application can be confusing.

Here are some important considerations to keep in mind:

Towing modules are in the 50-70 HP range, and power levels above this require protective precautions, such as an Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge and automatic power backdown capability (achieved with the Edge Juice Module).

When adding an electronic module, an ATS PulseFlow exhaust system is recommended for lower EGTs.

When using more than one module in combination (stacking), an upgraded Turbo System and an upgraded Intake System are recommended for maximum benefit.

For those wanting a mild upgrade, the Ford 7.3L ATS Custom Tuned Six-Stage Computer Chip is by far the best choice when used with mechanical gauges, and it is one of the most comprehensive and best-designed modules in the industry. This module can add 50-120 HP, and features a fast idle warm up. The driver can change from a stock setting to a tow program (50 HP). Switching the dial to the next setting yields an additional 75 HP over the stock setting, while the fourth position on the dial delivers 100 HP over stock. The module also features a Valet setting for increased safety when towing.

Edge Juice

Edge Juice

The Edge Juice is the best "middle of the road" choice for performance enthusiasts. The Ford Juice is a plug-in module that installs in the engine compartment on 1999+ model trucks. It features three power levels with power gains from 40-115 horsepower and torque gains up to 290 FP. The Juice features an in-cab adjustable switch, and the Juice lengthens the injection pulse and adjusts the injection timing. This provides smooth precise power delivery and power curves that are custom tailored rather than offset from stock. The module improves throttle response, driveability, and towing performance. The Juice is weatherproof with a rugged design. Add the Attitude or A2 Monitor, both of which have a gauge display, are able to monitor exhaust gas temperatures, and able to defuel at user defined temperatures.

The Attitude Monitor is a plug-in add-on accessory to be used with the Juice Power Module. The monitor mounts on the dash or A-pillar and allows for easy viewing of your exhaust temperature, boost, and other statistics.

Attitude Mount

Attitude Mount

The ATS Attitude Mount is an inexpensive mounting plate that is easy to install. The Mount is designed to position the Edge Attitude Monitor on the driver side under the sun visor for easy access.

A2 Monitor

A2 Monitor

The Edge A2 Monitor is an awesome plug-in add-on accessory to be used with the Juice Power Module. The A2 offers all of the functionality of the Attitude, and mounts on the dash or A-pillar to allow easy viewing of your exhaust temperature, boost, and other stats. In addition, the A2 offers state-of- the-art GPS Navigation technology, and an optional wireless backup camera to let you always see what's behind you!

Stack the Evolution Programmer and the Juice With Attitude Monitor for an additional 15 HP. For the most extreme performance, use the ATS Six-Stage Computer Chip with the Edge Juice/Attitude and experience awesome power with an additional 30 HP over the Juice.

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