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Ford Powerstroke 7.3 Diesel Performance

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Powerstroke 7.3 Diesel Engine Performance Parts

High Performance Head Studs

High Performance Head Studs

These head studs are made to our specifications. We wanted to do this right the first time so we contracted out with a firm that specializes in making the head studs for the "Top Dogs" out there. The end results were better than we could have imagined. These studs will solve your head gasket problems.

Forged Connecting Rods

Forged Connecting Rods

Late model 7.3L Power Strokes (2001 - 2003) came from the factory with what are commonly called Powdered Metal connecting rods. These rods are manufactured using a different process than traditional forged rods, and are not as strong. The factory PM rods have been known to break with over 400 rear wheel horsepower. If you want to safely go above this power level, you need to upgrade to forged rods. Forged connecting rods will allow you to go over 600hp without breaking parts.

These rods are reconditioned factory rods that are ready to bolt in to your short block.

CROWER Billet Connecting Rods

CROWER Billet Connecting Rods

Ron's Truck and Auto is now taking orders for CROWER Billet Connecting Rods. These are the real deal!!!

Ford 7.3 Pushrods

Complete Set of High Strength Pushrods

These pushrods are made from 4130 chromemoly seamless steel tubing. The ends are precision made, carburized, heat treated for strength and wear resistance and press fit into the tubing.

Remanufactured Power Stroke Short Block

The highest quality internal components are used in these engines, and they are remanufactured with state of the art equipment by skilled machinist to insure all specifications meet or exceed those put forth by the manufacturer.

These engines are then tested on a Dynomaster Machine to insure trouble free performance.

The blocks include the following:

  • New Low Pressure Oil Pump
  • Remanufactured Lifters
  • Fel-Pro Engine Gasket Set
  • Mahle Pistons and Rings
  • Clevite Bearings

No core is required on these blocks. These are covered by an 18 month unlimited mileage warranty which covers both parts and labor. *Other warranty conditions apply, call for details.

Complete Short Block NO CORE REQUIRED!!!!

Fire Ring System

Fire Ring System

The weakest link in the 6.0L & 7.3L Powerstroke engine performance chain is the head gasket. Boost pressures above 40 PSI place the engines in danger. To ensure reliability and performance with boost pressures above 40 PSI, we offer our Fire Ring system consisting of high torque, head studs and an innovative O-Ring System that is fastened into the head. Issues with head gasket problems are now a thing of the past.

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