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Ford Powerstroke 7.3 Diesel Performance

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Powerstroke 7.3 Diesel Performance Fuel Delivery

Regulated Return Fuel System

Regulated Return Fuel System

This is the complete dual circuit, externally regulated fuel feed system. The kit consists of everything needed to convert the stock fuel feed system to a dual feed external regulator setup. This will feed the heads from the rear, come off of the front of the heads to the external fuel regulator, then back to the fuel tank. All of the pressure hoses are Parker 221FP and rated for diesel fuel use and are assembled in a Parker hose manufacturing facility. All of the check valves are removed and no restrictors are required. This will allow you to run your fuel pressure up to 65-75 psi, compared to the stock 53 psi. This also allows the fuel to circulate through the heads rather than dead ending in them. This entire kit requires no cutting, flaring, welding, duct tape, or bubble gum to install, and it is 100% reversible to put the truck back to stock. The typical wrench head will spend 3 to 5 hours installing the kit.

As the fuel is now being fed from the rear of the heads, the number 6 and 8 injectors will no longer have to fight for fuel and the result of that is a more efficient, quieter running engine. It is also recommended, but not required, that if you have a long lead injector in the #8 position, that it be replaced with a standard "AD" injector.

Prepump and In-Tank Kit

Prepump and In-Tank Kit

Do you want failure insurance for your injectors?

On the 7.3L Power Stroke from 99 to 2003, there are 2 quick disconnect fittings in the fuel line before the fuel pump. Under pressure, these o-ring QD's work well at holding pressure. But under suction, these o-rings have a tendency to leak air from the outside in to the fuel line. The injectors rely on fuel to provide lubrication. Obviously, air bubbles in the fuel have no lubricating properties. Air in Fuel + Injectors = $$$$$$$$$

Do you feel like dropping your tank to check fuel filters?

In your fuel tank, there is a white mixing valve that is supposed to warm up the fuel to prevent gelling. However, if your truck is sitting overnight in cold weather, that fuel is already gelled if preventative measures have not been taken ( i.e., additives or winter blend diesel). This valve also has 2 small filters in it to trap particulate matter from getting in to the fuel system. Don't feel like dropping your tank to check these filters? Ford doesn't either. That's why there is no mixing chamber in the new 6.0L Power Stroke trucks!

Does your truck make a different sound when the fuel tank is less than 1/4 full?

The last part that needs attention is a duck bill that, when the pickup foot is clogged, will allow an alternate source of fuel to enter. If the fuel in your tank is below 1/4 ( below this duck bill), you can suck air in to the fuel lines!

This kit is designed to replace all of the quick disconnects in the fuel line, remove the mixing valve, and bypass the duck bill. This will insure that there is no way that air can enter your fuel lines and damage your injectors unless you run your tank low. There is also a small disposable filter included to install before the fuel pump so that it is protected so that dropping the tank to check the status of your in tank filter is not required, and you can check for air.

When ordering, please make sure you specify if you have a truck or an Excursion

FASS Fuel Supply System

FASS Fuel Supply System

Fuel delivery is the key to generating power. Diesel fuel cavitates very easily and this cavitation creates air bubbles that allow the mechanical parts of the pump to make contact. Diesel fuel is used as lubricating oil for the pumps and when the fuel become aerated, the fuel delivery pump suffers, performance diminishes due to the lack of fuel.

The reliability of precision, high pressure, fuel injection pumps is largely credited to clean, non-aerated fuel. Getting this non-aerated diesel fuel to the main injector pump is the main ingredient for a high powered, reliable, long lasting performance of any diesel engine.

The pump shown is also available without the filters and air separation.

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