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Chevy Duramax LB7 Diesel Performance

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Duramax LB7 Diesel Performance Injectors

ATS performance injectors

RTA performance injectors offer a huge performance boost to any truck owner wishing to increase their engine's performance. Fuel atomization is the key element when designing an injector and RTA Injectors have been optimized to deliver maximum fuel while burning efficiently. Differently rated models are available depending on how much you wish to increase your power. All injectors are not created equal, RTA Injectors are engineered to give your truck the edge you need and performance you desire.

2004.5-2005 LLY:

Stage 1 - Mild upgrade, works well with tuner, exhaust, intake. Recommend Up-Grade (FASS) fuel pump. These are known to improve fuel economy.

Stage 2 - 500hp capability, Requires Up-Grade (FASS) fuel pump

Stage 3 - 675hp capability, Requires Twin CP3 kit.

Stage 4 - 775hp capability, Requires Twin CP3 kit, and a Secondary Fuel Supply kit.

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