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Chevy Duramax LB7 Diesel Performance

: Exhaust Break

Duramax LB7 Diesel Performance Exhaust Break

Pacbrake Direct Mount

Exhaust Brake

Designed with safety in mind and built on quality, the Pacbrake Direct Mount® is a bolt on 'pays-for-itself' product that saves wear and tear on your brakes. When used consistently, this exhaust brake can extend the life of your service brakes by as much as 5 times!

The superior Directmount installs easily with no welding or special tools, and bolts on with no engine modification in most cases. The exclusive sealing system prevents exhaust gas from escaping into the engine compartment and is safe for all engine components.

Avoid costly brake jobs, escape brake fade, and gain peace of mind on the steepest descents and during everyday stop-and-go driving. Engineered specifically for your Dodge, Pacbrake's DirectMount design bolts right onto the turbo and you can install it easily with no special tools or complicated wiring. Its high temperature coating prevents harmful corrosion and because it has a back pressure preset, 90° closing valve, you'll get reliability without the risk of engine damage. With use of the exhaust brake on trucks equipped with an automatic transmission, the addition of the ATS CoPilot Lockup Controller is strongly recommended for maximum retarding power. Upgrading the torque converter to the ATS Five Star Torque Converter is recommended for maximum converter strength & effectiveness.

Duramax LB7 Diesel Performance Exhaust Break

Pacbrake PRXB

PRXB - More Braking Power, GUARANTEED!

Pacbrake's latest exhaust brake innovation, the patented PRXB, offers the best hold-back in the lower RPM's where you typically drive. The PRXB is designed differently than competitor's brakes.

STRONGER. 50% more efficient at lower RPM's than traditional exhaust brakes.

MORE RELIABLE. Patented 90 degree non-contacting butterfly valve specifically engineered to prevent sticking.

SAFER. Pacbrake's back pressure limiter protects against engine overpressure.

LONGER LIFE. Exclusive Arcor Nitride exhaust brake coating helps prevent corrosion and maintains lubrication qualities.

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