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ATS Five Star Torque Converter

ATS Five Star Torque Converter

The ATS Five Star is a revolutionary Torque Converter that utilizes all of the technologies of a traditional torque converter plus the innovative ATS Viscous Clutch Drive. The ATS viscous clutch drive is the heart of the ATS Five Star Torque Converter.

The Viscous Clutch Drive characteristic, along with the fluid-coupling portion of the torque converter share in the transfer of power through the torque converter. Unlike other torque converters that rely on fluid transfer from the impeller to the turbine via the stator, the Five Star utilizes viscous energy that transfers rotational energy from the engine to the transmission. When the Torque Converter Clutch is commanded to lock up, the 5 clutch plates provide a 100% mechanical engagement ensuring no plate slippage during lock up, even at power levels in excess of 2000 foot pounds of torque! We're so confident in the Five Star that it is backed by the only 3-year 150,000-mile warranty in the business.

Some of the features of the Five Star Torque Converter are:

Full Billet Steel Construction in place of cheap steel stamping
5 Disk friction surface with Patented Square Flank Drive
Stall speed is perfectly matched to engine torque curve
Mixed-Flow stator works with Viscous Clutch Drive maximizing torque multiplication
Fully welded impeller and turbine vane section
Oversized high load thrust bearings in place of plastic washers

The ATS Commander © has been developed to provide control over converter lockup in your vehicle. Factory computers are programmed to disengage lockup under many conditions that often inhibits the performance of the transmission. With a Five Star Torque Converter and The ATS Commander © in place, these non-lockup torque converter situations are no longer an issue.

ATS Billet Transmission

ATS Billet Transmissions

ATS Billet Transmissions are designed to handle heavy loads and high horsepower. When towing extreme loads you need a transmission that delivers positive shifts with out the hard shift that is commonly associated with performance transmissions.

All rebuilt ATS Billet Transmissions include the following features:

Our fully rebuilt, dyno tested ATS High Performance Valve Body, High Volume Pump, Heavy Duty Gear Train, Extreme Duty Clutch Pack and other proprietary components.

Our heavy duty transmission pan to provide increased lube volume, cooling capacity and strengthen the large case from excessive flexing. High stress areas of case are reinforced - Reduces chance of stress cracks.

Critical bolt and thread holes are inserted - Relieves pulled threads or bolts.

Valve Body surface is machined flat - Ensures against hydraulic leaks.

The entire hydraulic system is redesigned and calibrated specifically for the Diesel engine, Diesels require a unique calibration to ensure the engine is in it's optimal operation range.

External surface of case is sealed - Reduces corrosion and fatigue.

For customers pulling extreme loads or customers with high mileage transmissions, we recommend our high performance rebuilt transmission along with a new Five Star Torque Converter.

When looking for the ultimate in performance, combine our Co-pilot lockup Controller with our HD Transmission and Torque Converter. The ATS Transmission, Five Star Converter, and Co-Pilot electronic transmission module is the ideal setup when using an Exhaust Brake, or with a modified engine. When the Five Star torque converter and Co-Pilot are used together the efficiency rating of the transmission is increased and increases MPG in most cases. ATS Offers A Progressive Upgrade Path For Your Transmission System With Basic Options (Complete transmission packages vary based on internal components):


High Capacity Transmission Pan
Five Star Torque Converter
ATS High Performance Transmission

Heavy duty rebuilt transmission
Better mileage and performance due to increased converter efficiency
Ability to reliably use exhaust brake
Ability to reliably pull or haul heavy loads
An excellent replacement for a worn out transmission and torque converter


Co-Pilot Electronic Lockup Controller
High Capacity Transmission Pan
Five Star Torque Converter
ATS High Performance Transmission

Heavy duty rebuilt transmission
The ultimate in transmission reliability and performance
Proprietary ATS transmission internal clutch pack and hydraulic designs
Ability to handle competition level power and application

Custom packages are available for the GM LCT-1000 transmission when the entire repair is performed at the ATS install shop. Low mileage vehicles that are in good condition can in some cases be upgraded using the internal components manufactured by ATS saving in cost achieving the same results as the Stage II transmission package listed above.

Transmission Cooling System

Transmission Cooling Systems

External Transmission Cooling Systems will help to keep your transmission running at optimal temperatures. Cooler flow is a key factor in keeping temperatures in check and the lubrication circuit is responsible for over 90% of transmission cooling. Transmission coolers must not restrict flow of fluid to and from the transmission and be able to extract heat efficiently. A self-regulating cooler allows the transmission fluid to pass through it under cool operating temperatures to allow gear train lubrication while still providing maximum cooling efficiency under extremely hot operating conditions.

A thermostatically controlled, fan-forced (reversible rotation), low pressure drop unit is the preferred choice when choosing an optimal transmission cooler for your vehicle. From the bone-chilling cold of Northern Alaska to the radiating heat of the Mohave Desert, this is the premier transmission cooler for any diesel application. Utilizing an ATS Diesel Deep Pan coupled with this external transmission cooling system ensures that you have a fool-proof way of beating the heat.

Transmission Controller

ATS Select Shift Standalone Transmission Controller

Controlling the E4OD or 4R-100 transmission is now possible with the release of the ATS Select Shift Standalone Transmission Controller. The ATS Select Shift simply plugs into any Ford E4OD or 4R-100 Transmission, and allows for full control of the transmission.

Shift timing, lockup, and line pressure are fully laptop programmable. Tailoring the optimal strategy only takes a few hours to dial in the exact mapping for your vehicle. Add one to six adjustable analog potentiometers to adjust shift timing, lockup timing, shift quality and line pressure on the fly.

This is the most powerful, easy-to-use, plug-and-play transmission control system available today.

Clutch Packs

Clutch Packs

Make no mistake when comparing one clutch pack to another. ATS innovation comes through again in the internal components of the Allison 1000 transmission. All of the clutch packs you see here are unique by design and exclusive to ATS.

ATS has a long history in the transmission industry, and this has given us the ability to experience many manufacturer errors and the opportunity to apply that experience to our Clutch Packs.

C-1 Clutch Pack

Starting with the C-1 Clutch Pack, we offer our single sided 16 friction surface (stock is 12) laser cut steel cor Clutch Pack. The friction composition and steel used in this clutch is a large part of its incredible reliability and resistance to severe abuse.

C-3 Clutch Pack

Features of the C-3 Clutch Pack (3rd and 5th) is it's ability to hold huge amounts of torque. Our Clutch Pack has 178% more surface area over the factory clutch Pack. With a redesign-ed Piston, Ring Gear Spacer, and Six Disc Clutch Pack, torque capacity is no longer an issue.

An entire ATS Internal Upgrade is available.

GM Transmission Pan

Deep Transmission Pan

An ATS Aluminum Pan is an easy upgrade that can make more difference to your transmission than any other part that can be added to the exterior during a routine service. Extend oil life and scheduled services, lower transmission heat by 30°, and make servicing easier due to the large one inch drain plug with a built-in magnet.

ATS Billet Flex Plate

ATS Billet Flex Plates

ATS offers this Billet Flexplate upgrade option for the Duramax Diesel. As horsepower and pulling weights increase, wear and tear also increases. For trucks with upgraded power or trucks that pull very heavy loads, this is the perfect add on to a high performance transmission package.

All ATS flex plates come with an SFI Certification.

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