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Rhino Performance Engine

Rhino 686 Kit. 45 to 53 horse power.

  • The perfect engine for most people.
  • Very reliable performance.
  • Almost double the horse power of stock.
  • Requiring minimal additional Maintenance.


High Compresion Big Bore Piston. Cylinder Head

Cylender Head
Stage 2 Head: above plus: oversize valves, New guides, Pro spring kit.


Yamaha Rhino 660 Pro-Cool Rhino Radiator

We experimented with the available solutions from other aftermarket companies and did not achieve the desired results. When running under a heavy load, we still experienced overheating problems. After more research, we found the cause to be that a high performance built Rhino motor will typically spin 2-3k rpm higher than stock. What this does is move the water through the radiator so fast, it does not have time to cool.The stock design is only about 70% efficient due the inlet/outlet location. In testing, we found the water coming out was only slightly cooler then the water going in.