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Yamaha Rhino 660 Snow Mobile Clutch

Snow Clutch Decrease rolling mass of wet clutch, by removing wet clutch and replacing with new Snow Mobile Clutch, effectively creating more rear wheel horse power. Increase acceleration throughout the power band, providing stronger mid range and increased top end. Top end Speed with Just CDI 60 MPH, with 14 weights and at sea level, all else stock. Adjustable spring rates for duners and track racers for increased back shifting.

Price: $1399.00

Yamaha Rhino 660 Machined Rhino Sheave

Sheave 62 MPH top Speed. Stock Sheave is machined to allow both increased acceleration and Top speed. Speeds as high as 72 MPH with Super Charger or Big Bore Kit. Core exchange program available for an additional $125 deposit.

Price: $150.00