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Turbonetics (Spearco) Dodge intercooler 1994-2002 Cummins


Lowering the intake temperature has a dramatic effect on reducing exhaust gas temps. We know you want to pull longer, steeper, and heavier and having the very best intercooler makes it possible. For every degree the intake temp is lowered, just as much exhaust gas temperature can be reduced. For example, if you bolt-on a Spearco Intercooler and drop intake temps by 150 degrees, then you can reduce EGTs by 150 degrees. When you turn the boost up, or decide to bolt up one of the Torque-Master Turbo Upgrades you can pull and tow hard knowing that the Spearco Intercooler upgrades provide the most efficient W.A.V.E. Technology core and lowest pressure drop on the market today. Spearco's bar and plate core technology utilizes aerospace grade aluminum that are vacuum brazed under strict conditions. They are capable of withstanding the highest pressure as compared to standard conventional tube and fin intercooler cores. Each core is uniquely designed with a fin combination to achieve the maximum effectiveness with minimal pressure drop. Our bar and plate design has a uniform dimension across the entire core as compared to the standard tube and fin design that utilizes a larger header plate. Each Spearco Racing Intercooler features hand fabricated end tanks, CNC machined lips on all inlet and outlet tubes to prevent hose slippage, and are individually pressure tested to guarantee leak-free performance. Core is 3*17*36 **********Includes two new hard pipes and boot kit****** Read about the core design here; W.A.V.E .core These are built to order, so please call.


Intercooler kit for 1994-2002 Cummins truck



  • 1994 - 2002 Dsodge Cummins