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Turbonetics (Spearco) 01-06 intercooler upgrade

6.7 LB7 Intercooler
New intercooler for 2001-2006 Duramax trucks Does not fit 2006.5 or newer This intercooler system reduces charge air temperature entering the engine, increasing the air density for increased power and torque, while reducing the overall thermal load on the engine and cooling system as exhaust temperature is reduced as much as 150 degrees F. We have also seen an increase in boost pressure as the Spearco is more efficient. This results in less transfer of heat to the cooling system and assists in maintaining normal coolant temperature on long hard pulls towing high gross weight vehicles. Since the intercooler is mounted between the ³frame rail² below and behind the bumper there is no impact on the engine cooling system. Air traveling beneath the vehicle is trapped between the road and the bottom of the intercooler, which gives the intercooler excellent performance even at low vehicle speed. *150+ degree EGT drop *2-3 PSI boost gain *scrub intake air temps 300+ degrees inlet to outlet Read about the core design here; W.A.V.E .core


Intercooler kit for 2001-2006 truck



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