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Chevy LB7 Diesel Performance Air Intake

AFE Air Intake

AFE Air Intake

When upgrading your truck there are certain base components that you won't want to be without. Just as an exhaust kit helps to evacuate hot air from you motor, an AFE intake kit allows more fresh intake to be brought in. With the ability to use air entering from the grill of the vehicle as well as the cone-style filter, this intake improves airflow.

Features of the AFE Intake:

Velocity Stack cone filter design for increased flow.
Seals to hood for cold air induction.
Increases pulling and towing ability.
Heavy gauge metal housing for filter.
Uses O/E filter minder.
Washable/reusable filter.
Snaps into existing air box mounting location.

GM Air Intake Systems

  • 54-10782
    01-04 AFE Duramax LB7 Stage 2 Air Cleaner Assembly, with Tube

GM Replacement Filters

  • 24-90008
    01-04 AFE Duramax AFE Replacement Cone Filter, Has a Solid Covered End Cap
  • 30-10062
    01-04 AFE Duramax Stock Drop In.
  • 72-90008
    01-04 AFE Duramax Pro-GUARD 7 Replacement