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Cryo Processing

How Cryogenic Treatment Works

Cryogenic treatment is one of the most effective treatments to improve the quality, strength and durability of metals.

When metal is formed at atmospheric temperature and pressure the molecules are disorganized and contain weak carbon particles called Austenite. What Cryogenic Treatment does is to convert these disorganized molecules and weak carbon particles into highly organized molecules and very strong carbon particles called Martinsite.

The end result of this conversion is extremely strong and durable metal. Durability (resistance to wear and fatigue) is around 100% (that’s double), the typical increase in strength is 30% to 50%. This results in dramatically reduced replacement costs. In fact typical results are a doubling of the time between engine rebuilds, replacement of disk brake rotors and also doubles the amount of cutting that virtually any blade can do before they need sharpening.

Another benefit of Cryogenic treatment is that the metal becomes a very efficient dissipated of heat. This means engines, transmissions, disk brakes, and cutting tools run much, much cooler.

"This really has to be one of the greatest improvements ever for the racing community. Cryogenic treatment of the motorcycle and mini-sprint engines I build have given me many improvements. Engine builders tear down 2-cycles after 300 laps ... I recently tore down a 250 2-cycle after 1,800 laps and found that I could measure no cylinder wear, no ring wear and only 1/1000th piston wear. The engines I have had cryogenically have consistently out-performed identical non-treated engines."

Robbie Robinson, Owner
Robinson Racing Engines
Tuscola, IL

"There were no changes in dimensions (in our IH0986 Super Stock Pulling Tractor,) but performance has noticeably changed for the better ... the engine starts much easier than before ... our oil blow-by has dramatically decreased from 2-3 quarts per pass to only 1/2 cup. This motor has had a constant gain in performance since we started this season. It keeps getting better... The HP and durability gains we achieved through cryogenic treatment ... directly resulted in winning our first 7,500 lb Super Stock championship points race! I would recommend it to any racer in any motor-sport division who is looking for the newest edge in performance and durability."

Danny Beal, "The Nuclear Toy"
Sanitec Welding Service
Darlen, NY